What are you wearing around your neck?

Moldavite is a unique stone formed 15 million years ago by the impact of an asteroid in today’s northern Bavaria, Germany. The melted material that exploded over Czech Republic has formed into small pieces of semiprecious gemstone. It is unique in its transparency, bright green color and creative surface structure. 

The name moldavite comes from the German name of the Vltava River, Moldau. This river is the area where most of the finds are located. As one of the most coveted healing crystals, it has several metaphysical properties which can bring a positive change in the personal and professional lives of people. 

Moldavite can also help make you aware about your true purpose in life. It has been said that one who does not like the green color of that stone are emotionally unavailable and feel the need not to experience unconditional love.

Do you have one too?

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