Meet Dana

Dana Adamova is a Mindset Coach, Healer and Teacher specializing in advanced holistic healing techniques and psychic development with 20 years of experience. She helps healers, coaches, and spiritual counselors move through their obstacles and challenges to complete their calling and create a massive impact in the world.

Dana is known as the healers’ healer for her deep expertise, years of experience, and personal challenges she had to overcome on her own spiritual journey.

As a psychic medium, Dana gave over thousand of psychic readings during her healing and teaching practice.

In addition to being a professional certified hypnotherapist and past-life regression specialist, Dana is a sacred sound healer and Reiki Master in Western and traditional Japanese energy healing system. 

She is also a Master practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming and Mental and Emotional Release therapy. 

Dana holds Bachelor’s Degree in Education from University Pardubice, Czech Republic. Notably, she is fluent in English, Spanish and Czech.

Her coaching style is simple and natural. Dana mastered a variety of powerful tools to help you heal and accelerate your spiritual growth.

Beside dancing and painting, she likes to walk in the nature and cook for her two teenage children. Dana loves animals and admires the beauty of flowers.

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Dana's philosophy is based on concept of spiritual connection and oneness. Understanding of universal principles and recognizing the Divinity in each human being creates not only personal transformation but it also raises our collective consciousness.


Clarity and alignment with our life purpose help us accomplish our mission. As a result, we build successful thriving businesses and great relationships with joy, love and freedom. We answer to our calling of higher purpose here on Earth.


Dana adheres to the Code of Ethics of holistic healing practice. Therefore, she understands that maintenance of the highest ethical standards is an important support to the professional standing of all holistic practitioners and coaches.