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Mindset Coach, Healer and Teacher


Get clear vision to create clear results. Dana’s one-on-one coaching program, training system and group support will help you get where you want to be and do more of what you love to do.

Get calm, get clear, get confident!

Do you feel stuck, lost or confused with your current circumstances?

Does it seem like no matter how hard you push or force things to happen, nothing seems to work?

In times like this, we often get frustrated and depressed. We don’t seem to be confident enough to move forward. In addition, it is hard for us to trust our own intuition.

Being stuck is usually a sign of new beginnings entering our life. Importantly, it is a time to heal and restore. As a result, we can emerge even stronger and with new ideas that work.

Get calm, get clear, get confident! If you do something about it now, you will be able to move forward sooner and stronger.

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Experience profound healing and gain clarity about your situation


Create positive changes in this unique journey back in time


Get support to achieve meaningful goals aligned with your purpose

Dana Adamova is a Mindset Coach, Healer and Teacher specializing in advanced holistic healing techniques and psychic development with 20 years of experience. 

“Year 2019 is a year of big shifts and changes. Clarity and focus are essential to take the right action steps. I highly recommend to increase your support system in any form that is meaningful to you.

I help healers, coaches, and spiritual counselors move through their obstacles and challenges to complete their higher calling, so together we can make a bigger difference in the world.” 

Love & Blessings, Dana



Jump start your psychic gifts and get confident readings


Achieve a balanced life through growth and empowerment


Join with like-minded people to create extraordinary results

Jump start your psychic gifts

Do you trust your intuition and the messages that come through? 

What is your strongest natural psychic sense?

>> Join our online 12-week Psychic Development Class starting on September 3, 2019 <<


This workshop was more than I was expecting. Dana is very knowledgeable about the material presented and answers all questions in effective and loving way. I loved our hands-on practice and attunements.
Angelina Garcia
Newport Beach, CA
It was a very rewarding experience to be able to learn and share with like minded people in a safe loving environment. Dana did an exceptional job with the information shared, keeping students engaged and interested. She shared references and real life experiences which helped in understanding. She was very excited about the subject and it showed when engaging with students.
Ana Garcês-Saldaña
Laguna Niguel, CA
Dana is extremely knowledgeable and has a wonderful, easy way of explaining and practicing the material. The most positive experience I had were the activations. They went very deep for me. Highly recommend her class!
Annemarie Tolman
Annapolis, MD

Women Retreat

The Garden of Divine Sisterhood

3-Day Getaway to journey into deeper realms of Sound, Yoga, Reiki, and Divine Feminine

October 2019, TBD

Joshua Tree Retreat Center, California

Prepare your mind and body for amazing daily experiences.

Enjoy deep inner work for purification, balance and nurturing.

Immerse yourself into the healing of Sacred Sound.

Experience profound healing on a soul level.

Relax and relieve stress with energy healing.

Connect to Gaia, Tara, Epona and Mother Mary to tap into their Divine Feminine Embodiment.

Discover the trans-formative power of a movement.

"I was extremely happy with the sessions I received from Dana. Not only did I feel like I was in amazing loving hands, but I felt incredibly comfortable and strong sense of healing and calm immediately.
I will be gifting Dana's healing sessions to friends and family for holiday gifts. Thank you!"
Newport Coast, CA
"I love the format of your Reiki Share. I love the exercises you lead us in and I totally love your drumming! And pulling cards! This week's gathering of past lives was very powerful for me. There are all sorts of ways to do healing work. I happen to love yours."
Irvine, CA


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